TEN is a creativity driven agency. We strive to achieve a superior understanding of our client’s needs and take pride in providing solutions that deliver measurable results. We make it our business to know your business.


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At TEN Marketing Group we specialize in the design of guerrilla marketing activations that achieve long lasting impressions and high recall levels. The combination of non-traditional media with highly creative concepts results in memorable initiatives that boost brand equities.

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We have vast experience in the field of consumer promotions. We can design a wide array of promotional concepts from a standalone initiative to a custom promo that follows a tactical objective while seamlessly integrating to an existing marketing mix. We strive to exceed our clients expectations through innovation and non-traditional promo design.

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After all is said and done, branding remains. Any marketing communication without an at least partial focus on branding results in just generic noise. At TEN Marketing Group we strive to go beyond brand recognition and develop a unique and clear “voice” for each brand. It is through this creative approach that we enable consumer loyalty and intimate relationships with the brand. To achieve this, creativity is key.

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Each market along with the rest of the world are logged in. The web has grown to become a mainstream media with powerful attributes. Our challenge has being redefined from securing massive impressions to the actual delivery of measurable ROI. It’s all about conversion, whether it's sales, database generations or a purely tactical consumer engagement initiative.

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It takes more than a stage, a band, food and beverage to create a compelling event. The mission of each event becomes the foundation over which we design unique experiences that shift away from the ordinary. Events don’t need to be big in order to create a big impression. We design experiences that are memorable, meaningful and perfectly aligned with the consumers likes in order to exceed their expectations. It takes non-traditional thinking to create non-traditional moments.

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